Are there any male Dovastons out there interested in discovering their Y-DNA and the Dovaston paternal line ? By testing the Y-DNA, males can determine the origin of their paternal line. Note that the Y-DNA strictly checks the paternal line, with no influence of any females along that line. Females do not receive the Y-DNA, and therefore females cannot be tested for the paternal line. If you are a female and would like to know about your paternal line, you would need to have a brother or a male relative from that line to be tested.

Are ALL Dovastons related to one another ?

The answer is No, but maybe. Having the same surname doesn't indicate a common ancestor. In the case of Dovastons at Shropshire, Ruth thinks it does appear that most, if not all, Shropshire Dovastons, can show, through paper-records, a line descending from Daniel Dovaston at Dovaston Farm. The same is probably true with Derbyshire Dovastons. There could be a link between both lines, that needs further investigation. However, the best way forward would be to prove the lines through Y-DNA [male-male-male] testing. Present day male Dovastons should have identical Y-DNA to one-another, if they are all descended from Daniel Dovaston, ie, if he was the common male ancestor. Unfortunately, not one living male Dovaston [to date] has recorded a Y-DNA result so unless a male Dovaston comes forward and gets tested [preferably several to cross-check results], we'll never know what Y-DNA Daniel Dovaston may have had; we'll never know the true line. Traditional family trees using paper-records are useless, not worth the paper they're printed on, without Y-DNA proof.


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